Examining all
the Details

Just as Physicians must perform extensive and comprehensive tests to give a proper diagnosis, we treat your case with the same attention to detail and research.

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More than Medical Malpractice Defense Lawyers

Steven Lubell and Mark Rosen began practicing law in 1994. They partnered through the years and in 2004, they introduced their now popular pre-paid, unlimited legal defense program for physicians "Going Bare" (not carrying liability insurance). The program was a success and has benefited countless doctors since its inception and continues to do so.

Today we are proud to be recognized as, "A Law Firm for Physicians®" and healthcare professionals alike. We have expanded our areas of practice to reflect and accommodate our client base. Lubell Rosen offers nearly every major area of law that our clients could possibly need. Lubell Rosen is a full service firm for all your legal needs.