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Options for Asset Protection

Even if you have spent your entire career working hard to ensure your financial security and the security of your loved ones in the future, your assets could be under attack at a moment’s notice. It can be hard to protect your financial holdings and physical assets from every angle once that happens. For people in high-risk professions like medicine and health care, or people who invest in business and real estate, or even those going through messy divorces, asset protection plans are critical to keeping them and their families from financial ruin.

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Anesthesia-Related Malpractice Cases

There are plenty of routine procedures that require anesthesia for the patient, but it’s likely not routine for patients to consider who is providing their anesthesia care or to know and understand what all is involved in providing such care. Anesthesia providers are responsible for providing the medication that puts the patient under during surgery, but they are also responsible for managing the patient’s breathing, circulation, fluids and a whole variety of other vital bodily functions throughout the entire process. Their jobs begin before the patient’s surgery and do not end until after the operation is fully completed.

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Protecting Your Assets: A Look at Foreign Accounts

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, many Americans have said that they’ll be picking up and moving to another country. Joking or not, there’s a lot to consider if you’re moving money to another country, even if you remain in the U.S. Although many crime movies and TV shows use foreign bank accounts as plot points (a villain squirrels his money away in a Cayman or offshore account, for example), plenty of people have utilized foreign accounts as part of their asset protection plans.

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Privacy Expectations for Bank Records

If you’re the subject of a criminal investigation, the police and detectives involved will look at everything they can get their hands on, leaving as few stones unturned as possible to build their case. Often, this involves a thorough examination of your bank records, especially if you are charged with any type of white collar crime. Although bank records are personal and confidential, the laws regarding criminal investigations don’t always reflect the right to privacy that you would normally expect when it comes to your finances.

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Sandra Greenblatt in "Qualities Found in a Successful Healthcare Transaction”

Successful transaction deals are something to be celebrated in the healthcare industry when they occur.  However, although not all transactions are created equal, there are some similar qualities that most have woven into them that make them considered a successful transaction.  The Ambulatory M&A Advisor breaks down some of the top qualities of successful healthcare business transactions, from legal counsel to simple communication needs.

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Sandra Greenblatt Participates in The Ambulatory M&A Advisor Article

When starting up healthcare business, whether you are a physician owner or a private equity investor, questions and situations will arise that you may not know the answers to.  The Ambulatory M&A Advisor takes a look at the resourcefulness behind a business owner organizing an advisory board to help when the tough questions face the business owner.

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Norman Segall, Esq. Joins Coral Gables Office of Lubell Rosen as Partner

Steven L. Lubell, Esq., and Mark L. Rosen, Esq., partners at preeminent law firm Lubell Rosen, are pleased to announce that Norman Segall, Esq. has joined the firm as Partner. He is based at the firm’s Coral Gables, Fla. office, located at 1 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1410, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Segall’s practice areas include commercial litigation and family law.

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Florida’s Rules for Waiving Sovereign Immunity in Health Care

The concept of “sovereign immunity” comes from England’s common law edict that members of the royal family, particularly the king, were above the law, and as such, were not subject to claims brought by disgruntled or wronged subjects.

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Price Transparency in Florida’s Health Care

“Price transparency” is a big buzzword for consumer products. Southwest Airlines has coined its own version of the phrase (“transfarency”), and many other companies use the line to promote their ideals of honest communication with their customers: know what you’re paying for upfront, with no hidden fees or agendas. But how does the concept of price transparency translate in the medical field?

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Partner Adi Amit Participates in Article

Lubell Rosen Partner Adi Amit provided his professional insight in an article recently published on entitled: "7 Things Physicians Should Know About Non-Compete Clauses.”

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