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Commercial Foreclosures

Foreclosure isn’t just a threat for homeowners who fall behind on their mortgages and loan payments. Business owners who have trouble meeting payment due dates and loan requirements can also find themselves in danger of foreclosure, and struggling to fight back against a mountain of debt and angry creditors.

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Partner Marshall Adams Obtains Plaintiff Verdict in Commercial Dispute Over Cafeteria Concessions at the Miami-Dade Police Headquarters in Doral

Plaintiff Jeff Koplow and his company The Precinct at MDPD, Inc. sued Esther Urrea and Snack Time Catering, Inc. as a result of breach of an operating agreement in which Koplow was to run a cafeteria concession at the Miami-Dade police headquarters in Doral, FL.

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Title Underwriter Warns of Hackers Scamming Closing Agents by Marshall A. Adams, Esq.

This is not just for other attorneys, but for clients and any buyer or seller of real property, indeed any business or consumer in any transaction.  This highlights something of which we need to be painfully aware.  Click here to see an article that was emailed on Jan. 5, 2016 to attorney member agents from The Fund. 

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