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How High Can You Go in Florida?

Tall buildings tend to catch people’s attention in any city—even more so if they seem to literally scrape the sky, towering over the structures around them. Buildings with many stories also give property owners and developers the opportunity to rent out their space for a variety of uses—office buildings, storefronts, storage spaces, etc., which can expand existing business models and promote growth. However, for developers who want to utilize land and space around a Florida airport, height considerations become incredibly important in determining how a proposed project will pan out.

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Shareholder and Partner Disputes

Even the closest of friends have disagreements, and business partners are no different, especially when they’re working together to build a company and ensure financial prosperity. Successful companies are comprised of many different people, each with different personalities, work ethics, and visions. When these people get together to plan a building’s or a business’s future, their varied opinions and ideas can help shape a unique model, and create a company that stands out. However, these opinions and ideas can also cause tension and conflict, so it’s important to have legal protection and decision-making guidelines in place when conflicts arise.

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Title Underwriter Warns of Hackers Scamming Closing Agents by Marshall A. Adams, Esq.

This is not just for other attorneys, but for clients and any buyer or seller of real property, indeed any business or consumer in any transaction.  This highlights something of which we need to be painfully aware.  Click here to see an article that was emailed on Jan. 5, 2016 to attorney member agents from The Fund. 

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Common Construction Law Cases

Construction law covers a wide spectrum of cases, ranging from building codes and safety requirements to legal documentation and ownership claims. In Florida and across the country, construction is a booming industry, and it’s one that bolsters the economy by creating more space for commercial shops and businesses, and even residential homes.

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