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Estate Planning and Personal Representatives

Part of estate planning is preparing for someone else to handle your affairs after your death. Ideally, this person is someone you trust to carry out your final wishes when you’re not there to oversee the process. However, you can also appoint a trust company or a bank as your personal representative if you do not want to name an individual.

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Lubell Rosen Partner Liz C. Messianu Featured in the Daily Business Review for her Commentary on the Late Prince and the Status of his Affairs

Liz C. Messianu is a Partner at Lubell Rosen in Coral Gables, Fl. She handles probate litigation, guardian administration and litigation and estate planning. Her most recent success is her article that was published in the Daily Business Review.  

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Digital Assets

Today, most of our lives are documented in online accounts: blogs, journals, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, Instagram accounts and more. These websites provide us with the opportunity to make new friends and business contacts, reminisce about past stories with old friends, keep in touch with family members and long-distance relatives and in general, share day-to-day details with a large, online audience. 

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Kinkade’s Estate Leaves Girlfriend and Wife Embroiled in Legal Battle

Thomas Kinkade, an artist famous for his cottage scenes and paintings of gardens, villages, countryside churches, and idyllic scenery, died last April. He was a victim of an accidental overdose of Valium and alcohol. The battle for his estate was brutal. Kinkade’s estranged wife, Nanette, and his live-in girlfriend, Amy Pinto, contested several points of Kinkade’s will and the several handwritten letters that the artist wrote in recent years, detailing his wishes for his estate and amassed fortune. Lubell Rosen partner Liz Messianu, who specializes in probate law, followed the case with interest, as the women in the artist’s life litigated in court, and as this case has similarities to many cases Liz has handled.

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Asset Protection In Brief

Change is the new norm.  Although you may have adjusted your business or personal goals as a result of the new economic changes of 2013, there is no certainty for the future.  As a result of this uncertainty, more and more physicians and real property owners need answers to common questions such as what will happen if someone sued my PA, sued me professionally or sued me personally?  Will my family and my assets be safe and protected? 


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