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Sandra Greenblatt in "Qualities Found in a Successful Healthcare Transaction”

Successful transaction deals are something to be celebrated in the healthcare industry when they occur.  However, although not all transactions are created equal, there are some similar qualities that most have woven into them that make them considered a successful transaction.  The Ambulatory M&A Advisor breaks down some of the top qualities of successful healthcare business transactions, from legal counsel to simple communication needs.

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Sandra Greenblatt Participates in The Ambulatory M&A Advisor Article

When starting up healthcare business, whether you are a physician owner or a private equity investor, questions and situations will arise that you may not know the answers to.  The Ambulatory M&A Advisor takes a look at the resourcefulness behind a business owner organizing an advisory board to help when the tough questions face the business owner.

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Florida’s Rules for Waiving Sovereign Immunity in Health Care

The concept of “sovereign immunity” comes from England’s common law edict that members of the royal family, particularly the king, were above the law, and as such, were not subject to claims brought by disgruntled or wronged subjects.

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Lubell Rosen Partners Sandra Greenblatt and Cynthia Barnett Hibnick to Speak at July 21–22 State of Recovery Conference in Hollywood, Florida

Sandra Greenblatt, Esq., MBA/HA, JD, a Florida Bar Board Certified Health Lawyer, and Cynthia Barnett Hibnick, JD, both partners at Lubell Rosen, have been tapped to speak at the July 21–22 State of Recovery Conference, hosted by Medivance Billing Services, Inc. The event, to take place at the Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida, is a premier event for substance abuse treatment providers who want to grow and transform their businesses, and learn more about behavioral health care legal and business affairs.

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Hidden Items In the Boilerplate Of PBM Contracts: Arbitration Clauses by Bernard M. Cassidy, Esq.

For pharmacies, payments received from contracts for insureds are the lifeblood of their business. Unfortunately the contracts with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are generally what are described in the law as “contracts of adhesion,” meaning the agreements are generally take it or leave it propositions that cannot be negotiated. So when signing a contract, the fine print is generally ignored because disputing the language is of little use and the contract is too valuable to risk losing.

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Copayments: How The Failure To Collect Copayments Becomes A Crime by Bernard M. Cassidy, Esq.

To policymakers and insurance executives, copayments for health care services are an important component of preventing fraud. The rationale is that by requiring the patient to pay a portion of the bill the patient will be more scrupulous about what services they receive; with the added benefit that it directly reduces costs on each claim. The effect can at times work a cruel result; a patient has insurance but can’t afford the copayment and therefore can’t afford needed care.

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Personal Injury Protection and Health Care Options

A driver who has been injured in a car accident could face a long road to returning to normal, depending on the extent of the damage caused to the vehicle and the injuries sustained. In Florida, personal injury protection (PIP) laws exist to help drivers navigate the piles of medical bills that will inevitably pile up as they recover from their injuries; however, the most updated reforms to the PIP statutes have placed limits on how drivers can access and pay for the health care they need.

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Standards of Health Care

Health care is a strictly governed field with rules and regulations constantly being updated to better serve patients and ensure proper, high-quality care. Doctors and medical professionals are held to rigorous standards of ethics and conduct, and when these standards are breached, any number of regulatory agencies and boards can take action. In Florida, the Department of Health has the authority to issue certain sanctions and citations when necessary to regulate quality among the state’s doctors and nurses.

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Negotiating EHR Technology Contracts

Only a well negotiated technology contract will protect providers by setting forth performance standards, ensuring warranties and fair remedies when things go wrong.  

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Compounding Pharmacies, Physicians Facing Federal Scrutiny by Bernard M. Cassidy, Esq.

For several years, the dispensing of compounded medications, particularly pain creams, has been quite profitable for some independent pharmacies. However, the efficacy, as well as the marketing of these medications has led to what will likely be a severe backlash, largely due to the fact that the principal payer for these medications eventually became the federal government through its military health benefit program known as Tricare.

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