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Doctors Feel Pressure to Do It All

Doctors in today’s medical field are being pulled in two very different directions – on one hand, they need to continue to provide quality medical care and do the best they can for their patients’ health and well-being. But on the other hand, they need to appease the corporate forces behind the institutions for which they work – hospitals, clinics, and private practices – and bring in increased revenue, all while cutting costs and avoiding lawsuits.

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ER Responsibilities

In the emergency room, it is often difficult to take the time to determine who will be primarily responsible for caring for a patient, particularly because patients in the emergency room require immediate care, leaving little time for anything but treatment. But when problems crop up, such as an unexpected error in diagnosis, treatment plan, or procedures, doctors, nurses, and professionals in the emergency room may find themselves entangled in a battle of liability, even if they did not have strict responsibility for the client, medical malpractice defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale report. 

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Dissatisfied Patients Compromise Quality of Care

The relationship between a doctor and a patient is a complex one, due in large part to the intimate nature of healthcare and medicine, and the trust a patient must place in his doctor to do what is best. Just as patients rely on doctors for their health, doctors need patients to keep their practices going. And in today’s world, healthcare lawyers in Fort Lauderdale say, it is sometimes hard for doctors to draw the line between pandering to a patient’s wants, and taking care of his actual needs. 

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Medicare is Dropping Doctors

In an unexpected decision, Medicare Advantage has begun dropping physicians from their insurance plans, weeding out doctors that it considers too expensive to cover, health insurance lawyers in Fort Lauderdale report. 

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Smartphones in the Hospital

Our society has become increasingly dependent on smartphones for a wide variety of personal and professional tasks. Smartphones, with their host of available applications and features, even go so far as to replace laptops and desk computers, PDAs and day planners. But when a doctor or nurse is recording and relaying sensitive information, such as personal patient data or treatment and diagnostic ideas, using a smartphone may not be the best way to go, healthcare attorneys in Fort Lauderdale say

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Critical Care Nurses Suffer from Sleep Deprivation

Studies show that a lack of sleep can negatively impact one’s abilities to make decisions, focus his/her attention, and retain information. The risk for injury or mistakes is elevated when someone is sleep deprived, and even more so when that person is also administering medical care. Nurses and doctors, especially those who work in a hospital or emergency room, are often pulling double shifts, running around the clock to ensure that their patients are receiving the best care. But when the long hours and late nights begin to add up, sleep deprivation becomes a major liability, medical malpractice defense lawyers in Florida, Georgia, New York and New Jersey say. 

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Liability for Impaired Patients

When doctors prescribe medications for patients, they often have to trust that the patient will follow instructions, and stick to the prescribed dosage and schedule in order for the treatment to work. However, when a patient disregards the doctor’s instructions, mixes medications, or ignores the warning labels, he can end up hurting himself or others. In these cases, medical malpractice defense lawyers in Florida, Georgia, New York and New Jersey recommend that doctors and nurses take precautions to ensure that they will not be held responsible for the patient’s actions. 

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Accountable Care Organizations

An accountable care organization, or ACO, is a health care organization that uses a payment and care delivery model to bring together provider reimbursements and quality health care. ACOs have been touted as a key feature of the impending federally-sponsored health care reform. The group of health care providers who make up an ACO aim to reduce the total cost of care for any given group of patients. These providers agree to be held responsible for the quality, care, and cost of their patients. But health care lawyers in Miami report that these ACOs may introduce new risks to private practices and hospitals that join them. 

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New Study Shows that Hospitalists Face Fewer Lawsuits

Doctors who work primarily in hospitals and outside of offices have a significantly lower rate of malpractice claims than other internal medical professionals, according to a new study. This study is the first retrospective observational research that analyzes the rates, types, and causes of medical malpractice claims brought against U.S. hospitalists. In Fort Lauderdale, medical malpractice defense attorneys say that the research indicates how hospitalists are avoiding lawsuits by virtue of their practice, as well as the manner in which they practice medicine. 


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Florida bill would make doctors, health centers post prices

Restaurants have menus, retailers have pricetags and soon, Florida doctors could have price boards.

Legislation in Tallahassee would force doctors and some medical care centers to post signs of about 3-feet-by-5-feet in their waiting rooms showing the prices to be charged a person paying out of pocket. Charges for the insured vary by policy and wouldn’t be posted.

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