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Price Transparency in Florida’s Health Care

“Price transparency” is a big buzzword for consumer products. Southwest Airlines has coined its own version of the phrase (“transfarency”), and many other companies use the line to promote their ideals of honest communication with their customers: know what you’re paying for upfront, with no hidden fees or agendas. But how does the concept of price transparency translate in the medical field?

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Medicaid and Medicare Regulations and Audit Requirements

Medicaid and Medicare are governed by a web of regulations, rules and requirements that exist to ensure that patients are receiving the best care with the financial help they are granted, and that doctors who provide this care are properly compensated. Proper health care is expensive to provide, and for doctors who provide care to patients on government-funded programs, it’s important to understand how the billing and expenses work. It’s also important to know how best to handle overpayments, underpayments and any other financial complications that could crop up.

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The ACA and Managed Care

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, the field of medicine has seen drastic changes in policies and insurance requirements. It has affected the relationship between doctors and patients, as well as between patients and their insurance providers. The ACA is intended to improve the affordability and availability of health insurance nationwide, and in doing so, it has changed the way medical professionals, hospitals, doctors’ offices and other health care outlets handle their patients’ insurance and medical coverage. 

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