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ACA Exemptions

In theory, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made it mandatory for all Americans to obtain health insurance, or pay a penalty for not doing so. But in practice, some groups have received exemptions from the law’s requirement, based on religious principles or other outside circumstances. 

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Possible Medical Marijuana Coming to Florida

As many states begin to allow recreational as well as medical uses for marijuana, the Florida Supreme Court may be voting on a proposed constitutional amendment that would make it legal for doctors to prescribe patients marijuana for medicinal purposes. At this point, justices are set to give their opinion regarding the ballot initiative, before voters will see it this year. Medical malpractice defense lawyers in Florida say that, if passed, the amendment would open up new possibilities, as well as liability issues, for doctors across the state. 

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Health Care Policy Cancellations and Extensions

The Affordable Care Act took effect on October 1, and since then, thousands of insured Florida residents have received letters of cancellation from their insurance companies. These companies have been forced to close out policies that do not comply with the federal government’s regulations. Although the cancellations are making way for policies that will be in keeping with President Obama’s new guidelines for affordable, universal insurance, health insurance lawyers in Miami say that the changes will send many people shopping for new, and possibly more costly, insurance policies. 

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Florida’s Malpractice Bill Passes in the Senate

Last month, the Florida Senate approved a new malpractice bill that outlines new, more stringent criteria for a qualifying expert witness in a malpractice lawsuit. In a statement, Timothy Stapleton, the Florida Medical Association Executive Vice President, said that the Senate’s vote is a “giant step forward in bringing fairness to the Sunshine State’s tort system.” Medical malpractice defense attorneys in Florida say that, if passed, the new laws will help doctors and nurses who are facing legal action. 

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Florida Attorneys Oppose New Malpractice Law

Last month, trial attorneys in Florida filed five lawsuits against health care providers, challenging the legality of the state’s new requirements for persons filing medical malpractice claims. The attorneys claim that the law gives defendants access to potentially sensitive personal health care information and medical records about the plaintiff from their insurers and physicians, in direct violation of existing privacy laws. According to medical malpractice defense lawyers in Miami, the goal of the lawsuit is to protect privacy and prevent malpractice victims from being too afraid to file lawsuits. 

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Florida bill would make doctors, health centers post prices

Restaurants have menus, retailers have pricetags and soon, Florida doctors could have price boards.

Legislation in Tallahassee would force doctors and some medical care centers to post signs of about 3-feet-by-5-feet in their waiting rooms showing the prices to be charged a person paying out of pocket. Charges for the insured vary by policy and wouldn’t be posted.

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