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Copayments: How The Failure To Collect Copayments Becomes A Crime by Bernard M. Cassidy, Esq.

To policymakers and insurance executives, copayments for health care services are an important component of preventing fraud. The rationale is that by requiring the patient to pay a portion of the bill the patient will be more scrupulous about what services they receive; with the added benefit that it directly reduces costs on each claim. The effect can at times work a cruel result; a patient has insurance but can’t afford the copayment and therefore can’t afford needed care.

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Compounding Pharmacies, Physicians Facing Federal Scrutiny by Bernard M. Cassidy, Esq.

For several years, the dispensing of compounded medications, particularly pain creams, has been quite profitable for some independent pharmacies. However, the efficacy, as well as the marketing of these medications has led to what will likely be a severe backlash, largely due to the fact that the principal payer for these medications eventually became the federal government through its military health benefit program known as Tricare.

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Medicaid Care and Pediatricians

Pediatricians who treat poor or low-income children in Florida have been fighting back against low Medicaid payments in the state’s courts for the past several years. Now, a pending class action lawsuit could change the tide of the fight, and give pediatricians and other primary care doctors the ability to determine what is fair and adequate compensation from Medicaid and other plans, health care attorneys in Fort Lauderdale report. 

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Rising Insurance Premiums May Risk Cancer Patients’ Lives

Doctors and analysts have been using a patient’s health insurance coverage and provider as an indicator of how likely he or she is to survive a cancer diagnosis, health insurance lawyers in Fort Lauderdale report. Based on new data, uninsured young adults are most at risk for being diagnosed with a metastatic disease, being treated poorly or not thoroughly enough, and dying soon after receiving their diagnoses, as opposed to the relative success and survival rates of their insured colleagues. 

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ER Responsibilities

In the emergency room, it is often difficult to take the time to determine who will be primarily responsible for caring for a patient, particularly because patients in the emergency room require immediate care, leaving little time for anything but treatment. But when problems crop up, such as an unexpected error in diagnosis, treatment plan, or procedures, doctors, nurses, and professionals in the emergency room may find themselves entangled in a battle of liability, even if they did not have strict responsibility for the client, medical malpractice defense attorneys in Fort Lauderdale report. 

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Dissatisfied Patients Compromise Quality of Care

The relationship between a doctor and a patient is a complex one, due in large part to the intimate nature of healthcare and medicine, and the trust a patient must place in his doctor to do what is best. Just as patients rely on doctors for their health, doctors need patients to keep their practices going. And in today’s world, healthcare lawyers in Fort Lauderdale say, it is sometimes hard for doctors to draw the line between pandering to a patient’s wants, and taking care of his actual needs. 

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Medicare is Dropping Doctors

In an unexpected decision, Medicare Advantage has begun dropping physicians from their insurance plans, weeding out doctors that it considers too expensive to cover, health insurance lawyers in Fort Lauderdale report. 

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Smartphones in the Hospital

Our society has become increasingly dependent on smartphones for a wide variety of personal and professional tasks. Smartphones, with their host of available applications and features, even go so far as to replace laptops and desk computers, PDAs and day planners. But when a doctor or nurse is recording and relaying sensitive information, such as personal patient data or treatment and diagnostic ideas, using a smartphone may not be the best way to go, healthcare attorneys in Fort Lauderdale say

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Bundled Payment Plans

Bundled payments are becoming a popular option for patients who require expensive, complex medical procedures that often involve more than one doctor and treatment. But although these plans have been hailed as “win-win-win” situations for all parties involved—doctor, patient, and clinic—healthcare lawyers in Florida, Georgia, New York and New Jersey say that doctors who are asked to participate in bundled payment plans should carefully evaluate the choice they are presented. They should also consider the pros, cons, and legal implications of using the bundled payment plan. 

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Critical Care Nurses Suffer from Sleep Deprivation

Studies show that a lack of sleep can negatively impact one’s abilities to make decisions, focus his/her attention, and retain information. The risk for injury or mistakes is elevated when someone is sleep deprived, and even more so when that person is also administering medical care. Nurses and doctors, especially those who work in a hospital or emergency room, are often pulling double shifts, running around the clock to ensure that their patients are receiving the best care. But when the long hours and late nights begin to add up, sleep deprivation becomes a major liability, medical malpractice defense lawyers in Florida, Georgia, New York and New Jersey say. 

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