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Partner Adi Amit Participates in Article

Lubell Rosen Partner Adi Amit provided his professional insight in an article recently published on entitled: "7 Things Physicians Should Know About Non-Compete Clauses.”

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Dissatisfied Patients Compromise Quality of Care

The relationship between a doctor and a patient is a complex one, due in large part to the intimate nature of healthcare and medicine, and the trust a patient must place in his doctor to do what is best. Just as patients rely on doctors for their health, doctors need patients to keep their practices going. And in today’s world, healthcare lawyers in Fort Lauderdale say, it is sometimes hard for doctors to draw the line between pandering to a patient’s wants, and taking care of his actual needs. 

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Medicare is Dropping Doctors

In an unexpected decision, Medicare Advantage has begun dropping physicians from their insurance plans, weeding out doctors that it considers too expensive to cover, health insurance lawyers in Fort Lauderdale report. 

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Smartphones in the Hospital

Our society has become increasingly dependent on smartphones for a wide variety of personal and professional tasks. Smartphones, with their host of available applications and features, even go so far as to replace laptops and desk computers, PDAs and day planners. But when a doctor or nurse is recording and relaying sensitive information, such as personal patient data or treatment and diagnostic ideas, using a smartphone may not be the best way to go, healthcare attorneys in Fort Lauderdale say

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New York Doctors Want to Go Bare

In Florida, medical professionals and institutions have the option to go bare — meaning they can forgo traditional medical malpractice insurance coverage in favor of cutting costs across the board. Without insurance, doctors and hospitals can eliminate the costly annual premiums paid to insurance companies, and in some cases, the money saved can work toward cost-cutting measures for patients and procedures.

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Aldo Leiva interviewed in regards to ACA

Attorneys and insurers already are hearing reports of federal reimbursement decisions being introduced into medical malpractice cases. Read More

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Florida Doctors Get Law Training To Improve Patient Care

A recently published article sheds some light on the importance of intertwining medicine and law into your daily practice.   The legal ramifications imposed on even the slightest of missteps can be devastating to a doctor’s career.  For this reason alone, it is essential that physicians and legal professionals work together to achieve better healthcare for their patients, reducing their own risk in the process. 

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Court Issues Preliminary Injunction in Physician Gun Gag Law Case

In 2011, the Florida Legislature passed a law which prohibited physicians from inquiring into gun ownership. The law, “Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act”  Fla. Stats. §§ 790.338, 381.026, 456.072, 395.1055).  Under the law, licensed health care practitioners  may not (i) intentionally record any disclosed information concerning firearm ownership in a patient’s medical record if the practitioner knows the information is not relevant to the patient’s medical care or safety, or the safety of others (the “record-keeping provision”); (ii) ask a patient whether she owns a firearm unless the practitioner in good faith believes the information is relevant to the patient’s medical care or safety, or the safety of others (the “inquiry restrictionprovision”); (iii) discriminate against a patient based solely on firearm ownership. or (iv) unnecessarily harass a patient about firearm ownership.

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