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Legal Termination in Florida

It’s tough to find steady employment in today’s job market, and the struggling economy isn’t helping. More and more people are having trouble earning a living wage to support themselves and their families. While this does mean is that there’s a large pool of candidates applying for any and all jobs in a given field, it also means that employers who let employees go, even for valid reasons (performance, availability, payroll cuts, etc.), should be on guard against lawsuits from disgruntled ex-employees who are desperate to keep their jobs or fight back against a firing.

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Estate Planning and Personal Representatives

Part of estate planning is preparing for someone else to handle your affairs after your death. Ideally, this person is someone you trust to carry out your final wishes when you’re not there to oversee the process. However, you can also appoint a trust company or a bank as your personal representative if you do not want to name an individual.

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Shareholder and Partner Disputes

Even the closest of friends have disagreements, and business partners are no different, especially when they’re working together to build a company and ensure financial prosperity. Successful companies are comprised of many different people, each with different personalities, work ethics, and visions. When these people get together to plan a building’s or a business’s future, their varied opinions and ideas can help shape a unique model, and create a company that stands out. However, these opinions and ideas can also cause tension and conflict, so it’s important to have legal protection and decision-making guidelines in place when conflicts arise.

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Non-Compete Clauses

Companies that want to make their way to the top (or remain on top) have to ensure that their business secrets are kept closely guarded, even as employees transition through the company. That “special something” that sets each company apart, even in similar, related fields, is extremely valuable as a commodity, and most businesses protect their trade secrets by making employees sign non-compete clauses upon hire. But what does a non-compete clause do and how does it work in the real world of the ever-changing job market?

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Proximate Cause

When a patient files a malpractice lawsuit, he or she is alleging some level of misconduct or negligence on the part of the doctor, nurse, or other medical professional involved in his or her care. In tort law, the reasonable connection between the defendant’s act of negligence or misconduct and the harm suffered by the plaintiff is called “proximate cause,” a critical component of a medical malpractice case. However, proximate cause is often misunderstood by defendants and even some attorneys, and it’s important to be aware of what the cause is in your case and what it means for your defense.

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What Happens to Property if There is No Will in Place?

Every good estate plan will incorporate a last will and testament to ensure that your possessions, wealth, and property are passed on to your loved ones after you die. But even the most prepared person can’t plan for everything in life, and when tragedy strikes, it’s often difficult to figure out the legalities and requirements for determining possession rights and property distribution.

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Lubell Rosen Partners Sandra Greenblatt and Cynthia Barnett Hibnick to Speak at July 21–22 State of Recovery Conference in Hollywood, Florida

Sandra Greenblatt, Esq., MBA/HA, JD, a Florida Bar Board Certified Health Lawyer, and Cynthia Barnett Hibnick, JD, both partners at Lubell Rosen, have been tapped to speak at the July 21–22 State of Recovery Conference, hosted by Medivance Billing Services, Inc. The event, to take place at the Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida, is a premier event for substance abuse treatment providers who want to grow and transform their businesses, and learn more about behavioral health care legal and business affairs.

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Commercial Foreclosures

Foreclosure isn’t just a threat for homeowners who fall behind on their mortgages and loan payments. Business owners who have trouble meeting payment due dates and loan requirements can also find themselves in danger of foreclosure, and struggling to fight back against a mountain of debt and angry creditors.

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Partner Marshall Adams Obtains Plaintiff Verdict in Commercial Dispute Over Cafeteria Concessions at the Miami-Dade Police Headquarters in Doral

Plaintiff Jeff Koplow and his company The Precinct at MDPD, Inc. sued Esther Urrea and Snack Time Catering, Inc. as a result of breach of an operating agreement in which Koplow was to run a cafeteria concession at the Miami-Dade police headquarters in Doral, FL.

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Lubell Rosen Partner Aldo Leiva Featured on America TeVe

Lubell Rosen Partner Aldo Leiva was interviewed by America TeVe on June 6, 2016. The interview provides Aldo's insight on the intellectual property dispute between Bacardi and the Cuban government in regards to the trademark on Havana Club rum.

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