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Lubell Rosen Partner Aldo Leiva will speak to the Greater Miami Tax Institute on February 15. The topic is cybersecurity and Aldo's focus will be on data security laws and regulations that impact tax professionals and their clients. Click here to learn more.
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Renting space from another person requires a commitment on each side—the renter commits to a set amount of money, a set timeframe and a set start and end date, while the landlord commits to a pre-determined space, a level of maintenance and whatever provisions have been agreed upon as part of the rental contract. Along with these commitments come responsibilities that each party owes the other. These responsibilities are governed under Florida’s law, no matter how long the rental term lasts, how the payments are made or what building is involved. In the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act (FL Statute,...
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Lubell Rosen Partner Aldo Leiva will present at the Forensic Expert Witness Association Florida Chapter Annual Workshop on February 11. The workshop is intended to help attorneys and expert witnesses be more effective working together in various stages of their engagement. Aldo will specifically speak on cybersecurity law, data breaches and compliance issues. Click here for more information.
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Big storms can cause a lot of damage, to both property and people, and those who seek medical treatment for injuries as a result of a storm might also be seeking coverage from a variety of insurance policies. These include medical insurance and homeowner’s insurance. Depending on where the accident occurred, an injured patient may be trying to make a “slip and fall” claim against the person who owns the property, which could affect how a doctor can provide treatment or medical advice. A fall can result in very serious injuries—broken bones, sprains, bruising, dislocation and even concussions or other...
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Lubell Rosen Associate Josh Bloom recently presented a lecture on Preventable Medical Errors at the CME Beach Retreat for the Emerald Coast Medical Association. He spoke on preventable medical errors and how to minimize risk and exposure to professional negligence suits on the front end. He broke down common issues relevant to preventable medical errors into 4 parts – documentation and charting, office policies and procedures, liability for others and medical quality assurance meetings in a small space. Click here to view the full presentation.
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Michael O'Connor is a Partner in the probate and guardianship department at Lubell Rosen in Coral Gables, FL. He specializes in disputes regarding estates, trust and guardianships. His most recent success is his article that was published in the Daily Business Review. "Vergara Embryo Trust Enables Forum Shopping by Ex-Fiancé" Actress Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiancé Nick Loeb is using a trust as a procedural loophole to move the parties’ dispute over their embryos to a favorable jurisdiction. If he is successful, he will create a monumental precedent enabling litigants in embryonic disputes to have a “back door” into “pro-life” jurisdictions. Loeb...
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Even if you have spent your entire career working hard to ensure your financial security and the security of your loved ones in the future, your assets could be under attack at a moment’s notice. It can be hard to protect your financial holdings and physical assets from every angle once that happens. For people in high-risk professions like medicine and health care, or people who invest in business and real estate, or even those going through messy divorces, asset protection plans are critical to keeping them and their families from financial ruin. Asset protection plans typically share a few...