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Medicaid Taxi?? Fraud

A group of taxi companies allegedly took up a unique way of competing with ride share companies like Uber and Lyft; Medicaid Fraud. A New York man entered a plea agreement last week to a health care fraud conspiracy involving millions of dollars’ worth of fraud in charges for patient transportation. Medicaid pays for non-emergency medical transportation for beneficiaries who cannot afford their own transportation. Through a combination of kickbacks and fraud including charges for rides that never happened, the
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How Florida’s New Controlled Substance Regulations Impact You

Article Written By: Carlos H. Arce, Esq. On March 19, 2018, Governor Rick Scott signed into law House Bill 21, adding new legal requirements on healthcare providers who prescribe controlled substances, and specifically geared towards opioids. In recent years, the opioid epidemic has affected the public health of the United States. Many states have adopted new laws that add new requirements in prescribing controlled substances. Healthcare providers all across the country have had criminal charges filed against them for violations
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Medical Practice Policies and Procedures and Why You Need Them

Article Written By: Carlos H. Arce, Esq. During your time in medical school you never imagined that managing your own medical practice would have little to do with the practice of medicine. Medical school likely did not prepare you for the legal consequences that come with the modern-day business of medicine. Many physicians are forced to sell their practices, or worse, due to the legal liabilities that may come with owning a medical practice. A medical practice is typically composed
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