Going Bare

Lubell & Rosen's pre-paid monthly flat fee legal defense has become an increasingly popular choice for many doctors throughout the State of Florida of all specialties. Lubell & Rosen offers a complete, an unlimited medical malpractice defense program for doctors. We represent both doctors without insurance (known as "Going Bare") as well as doctors with insurance.

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FAQ on Going Bare

Medical Malpractice Defense Lawyer

What is “Going Bare”?

“Going Bare” is a term used to refer to a choice which is being made by an increasing number of doctors in Florida, a decision to relieve themselves of the substantial burden of paying for costly medical malpractice insurance premiums. “Going bare” does not mean you will not get sued.  As a bare doctor you will still be responsible for all legal fees in the event that you are faced with civil litigation. As one of the most innovative medical malpractice defense firms, Lubell & Rosen's program, however, allows you to forgo the expenses of malpractice insurance in favor of choosing your own legal defense.

Can I afford to Go Bare?

Most likely, yes.  When you work with a medical defense attorney at Lubell Rosen, you will have prepaid unlimited doctor defense which is available through alternative fee arrangements.  All costs are included, whether you need to call us for legal advice or if you need defense in a jury trial.  We even offer discounts based on factors such as your past history of malpractice claims, specialized training and risk management practices, as well as if you want to purchase coverage in a group of three or more physicians practicing together.

Isn’t it too risky?

There is strong statistical evidence which indicates that going bare actually reduces the likelihood of being involved in a lawsuit. After all, you will be required by state law to notify your patients that you do not carry malpractice insurance. This can be done by either posting a sign in your waiting room with the Florida statute or by having consents signed.  In the event that you are sued for malpractice, you will have an AV® rated medical malpractice defense attorney on your side who has also achieved Board Certification from the Florida bar. We can also assist you in creating a plan of asset protection, employing proven strategies for defending your personal estate from an adverse judgment in civil litigation.

What does your service cover?

We provide comprehensive legal defense for all types of claims against medical professionals; including representation against malpractice claims in DOH/AHCA cases, actions which threaten your hospital privilege or DEA number, and even managed care issues.  You can consult with a medical defense lawyer at our firm when you have questions about compliance with state regulations, and can count on us to defend your career and your personal assets in the event of a lawsuit.  We cover doctors who are going bare, as well as those who have malpractice insurance but want to close the gap in the event their policy runs out or will not cover a specific type of claim.

How do I know Lubell Rosen will be able to handle my case and I won’t get left high and dry?

Our team is made up of highly skilled medical malpractice defense attorneys who are Board Certified in the areas of Health Law and Civil Trial Law and have over fifteen years of experience in defending medical malpractice cases.  Although many of our clients are not insured, our firm is.  We not only carry our own medical malpractice insurance, but also a legal expense insurance in the event of a catastrophic case.  Our clients are our number one priority and although we never anticipate such an event, we are prepared and our clients will remain well protected.

What’s the catch?

There is none! All you have to do is contact us to discuss your practice and your needs for coverage, and we will work with you to find an arrangement which best suits you.  Our team has been practicing together since 1994, and includes attorneys who are AV® rated and Board Certified by the Florida Bar. Call us now to get started!