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Vacation Rental Legal Defense

The City of Miami Beach limits and prohibits owners of certain residential properties from renting their properties on a short term basis, defined as less than six months and a day.    Unless an exemption applies, short term rentals are prohibited.  If convicted, violation of the City’s regulations will result in fines of $20,000 and up, per violation.  In addition to the City’s ordinance, many condominium and homeowner’s associations have placed restraints on short term rentals, which could result in further penalties, fines, or evictions.

Lubell Rosen offers property owners a legal defense retainer that defends them if cited for any alleged violation of either the City of Miami Beach’s regulations or any violation of association rules.  Additionally, the law firm will provide legal advice and counseling to educate clients how to comply with the City’s regulations and association rules without compromising their ability to earn income. 

Monthly retainers start at just $250.00 per month. 

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Short-term rental of apartment units or townhomes ordinance