If you are facing a medical malpractice lawsuit, the outcome of your case could have a profound impact on your personal and professional future. The importance of finding a medical malpractice defense attorney with the experience, resources, and legal strategies to represent your interests cannot be overstated.

The attorneys at Lubell Rosen have a proven track record of success representing healthcare providers, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. We will work closely with you and aggressively defend your interests during every stage of the proceedings. Schedule a consultation today by calling (954) 880-9500.

Read on to learn four qualities you should look for in a Florida medical malpractice defense lawyer:

1. Experience Handling a Variety of Medical Malpractice Cases

No two medical malpractice cases are exactly alike. The best medical malpractice defense attorneys tend to be those who have refined their legal strategies over many years of experience representing clients in a variety of cases. At Lubell Rosen, we have successfully defended clients against lawsuits arising from birth injuries, surgical errors, diagnostic errors, overprescription, and a variety of other claims.

2. Comprehensive Understanding of the Laws That Govern Your Case

During your initial consultation, your attorney should be able to provide concise yet detailed answers to your questions as well as predictions for your case based on state and federal laws and past case outcomes. The lawyers at Lubell Rosen have a comprehensive understanding of federal and state healthcare laws, rules, and regulations.

3. Exceptional Reviews and a Positive Reputation in the Healthcare Industry

The attorneys at Lubell Rosen have achieved numerous accolades including an AV Preeminent rating from the Martindale-Hubbell attorney rating service. We have a reputation for thoroughly investigating every case we handle and tenaciously representing our clients.

4. Experience Handling Cases Like Yours

The most effective legal strategies to use in one case can be very different from another. It is imperative that you find an attorney who has successfully handled cases like yours. The lawyers at Lubell Rosen have represented almost every type of medical professional and healthcare facility including physician assistants, doctors, nurses, podiatrists, chiropractors, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and many others.

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