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You can get Sued because you take certain Precautionary Measures in light of #MeToo

One of the most difficult things for an employer to do is decide how to respond to the #MeToo movement. It is a difficult thing to know what to do to react to the movement as an employer. On one hand you do not want to worry about a lawsuit, on the other hand you do not want to go overboard and turn your workplace into a miserable place to work because of militaristic over regulation of employee behavior. What
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The Southern District of Florida is, arguably, the best place in the country to litigate Federal Claims. However, attorneys appearing pro hac vice often underestimate the importance of the choice of local counsel they associate. Worse, many attorneys appearing pro hac vice in the Southern District of Florida rely on the reputation of a firm, or its size, in determining who to associate as local counsel, neither of these factors are relevant, the attorney, not the firm, is the important
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Accommodating an Employee is Not Always Required Under the ADA and Other Federal Regulations

On Tuesday a Federal Court in New Jersey ruled that the Port Authority would not be subject to a lawsuit for discrimination based on their failure to accommodate a Jewish employee’s request not to work on the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays. This does not mean that employers are free to ignore an employee who asks for accommodations. Religious accommodations have different requirements based on what type of employer you are. Private employers face cases based on an employee’s religion infrequently
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