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Prescription Management” Company For Physicians Accused of Fraud

Allegations against a company in Texas that acted as a “prescription manager” for physicians, finding the highest reimbursed drugs in various health plans and encouraged physicians to prescribe those drugs. There is some indication that select pharmacies filled the prescriptions with certain financial benefits going back to the doctors. Based on the article it appears to be a fairly large operation. The company, for its part, claims it did nothing wrong; having had attorneys review and approve their business model.
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Drug Manufacturer Accused Of Kickbacks By Providing Nurses

A lawsuit filed by the State of California alleges that the drug maker, AbbVie, induced physicians to over-prescribe Humira, a drug used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The alleged kickbacks included supplying nurses to go to the patients’ homes as an extension of the physicians’ practice to administer the medication and complete physician’s administrative paperwork. The suit alleges that the nurses, paid by and working for the drug company, looked out for the drug company’s interests, not those of
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