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URGENT SCAM ALERT – Phony DEA Agent Contact to Doctors

To our physician clients and friends: We want to let you know about a phony DEA agent scam that was attempted on one of our physician clients the other day.  Our client texted one of our partners, advising that he was on the phone with a person who represented herself as a DEA agent, who was calling to inform the physician that his license was going to be immediately suspended and he was going to be arrested.  We were able
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Personal Counsel protects doctors not insurance companies. Every doctor being sued for medical malpractice should have a personal counsel

When a doctor with malpractice insurance gets sued, the first thing he or she should do is forward the lawsuit to their carrier. The first thing a carrier will do is determine if it owes coverage to the doctor.   Sometimes the insurance company determines the claim is not covered by the policy.  Sometimes the insurance company will cover the claim but reserve their right to withdraw from defending the doctor. In either event, personal counsel can advocate for the doctor’s
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