Hand Stretched out to borrow money


I hear the application form at some banks is two pages, other banks take fifteen minutes to apply, is this true?


No, people mistake the one, or two-page, form they fill out through Suntrust, BB&T, and others, as the full application. What you are really doing is reserving a spot in line for the funding, but you are not applying for the funding yet. The reason why banks do this is because the regulations keep changing, a full week after the program went into effect. There is no end in sight to the changes and the banks do not know all of the things they will require from you at the end, so, even if you fill out the really long TD Application, do not expect that to be the end of it. With community banks it is a different story however, for the moment, if you bank with a large bank, you are at the start, not the end, of the process. This process is largely undefined and you may want to seek our assistance to get you through it.


Written by: Joshua H. Sheskin Esq.


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