One of the most common mistakes that employers make is believing that because they pay employees a salary, the employers do not need to pay the employees overtime. There are employees who receive a salary, and do not need to be paid overtime because they are exempt from the law’s requirement to pay overtime. However, the duties that an employee performs, their training, and their position, determine whether they are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (“FLSA”) overtime requirements, not if they are paid a salary. I represent many employers who confuse the fact that most employees who are exempt from the FLSA’s requirement for overtime are often paid a salary, but those paid a salary are not necessarily exempt from the law’s requirement to pay overtime. Additionally, there are several ways that a salaried employee’s overtime pay can be calculated, and without guidance employers often pay too much, or too little. To make sure that you are paying your salaried employees correctly call attorney Joshua Sheskin of Lubell Rosen at 954-880-9500 or