When a doctor prescribes a medication, it is reasonable for the patient to assume that the drug is going to help. At the very least, it should not cause any unexpected side effects if it is taken as directed. Unfortunately, medication mistakes happen all the time and can result in devastating complications.

The National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention defines medication errors as preventable events that may cause inappropriate drug use or lead to patient harm. Although many medication mistakes do not result in any lasting damage, some pharmaceutical errors can have tragic consequences. If you are being sued for allegedly making a prescription error, it is critical to start planning your defense immediately.

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Common Kinds of Medication Errors

The specific type of medication mistake that occurred will ultimately determine which party is liable for any damages that result. Common pharmaceutical errors include:

1. Prescription Errors

If a physician intends to prescribe one medication but accidentally prescribes another, the patient can suffer harm as a result. Such mistakes may be more likely to happen when the patient’s condition calls for a drug that is fairly uncommon and the doctor inadvertently confuses it with a different, more common medication that he or she prescribes often.

2. Dosage Errors

Doctors are not the only providers who make medication mistakes. Sometimes, a physician can prescribe the right drug but a pharmacist ends up preparing the wrong dosage, which can have catastrophic consequences.

3. Administration Errors

In hospital settings, it is entirely possible for nurses who are administering medication to make errors. Even if a doctor prescribed the right drug and a pharmacist prepared it correctly, the patient can still suffer harm if a nurse administers it incorrectly. When this happens, the patient might sue the nurse directly or name the entire facility in a claim for its lack of oversight.

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