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Do Websites Have To Comply With The ADA?

The sort answer to the question of whether websites have to comply with the ADA is yes. If the business has a physical location visited by the public, the website that establishes the online presence of the brick and mortar business must comply with the ADA. That is the short answer, and it is the conclusion that one can draw from seeing how successful cases against companies in Florida have been, and how prevalent they have been, in recent history, as described in this article, but that I will also explain below.

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Lubell Rosen Partner Aldo Leiva to Present at FEWA Florida Chapter Annual Workshop

Lubell Rosen Partner Aldo Leiva will present at the Forensic Expert Witness Association Florida Chapter Annual Workshop on February 11. The workshop is intended to help attorneys and expert witnesses be more effective working together in various stages of their engagement. Aldo will specifically speak on cybersecurity law, data breaches and compliance issues. Click here for more information.