94% of the country is under a “stay inside” order

94% of the country is under a “stay inside” order

Over 94 Percent of the country is under a quarantine or “stay inside” order and all nonessential businesses are closed.

Now is the time to get your affairs and estate plan in order.

If you are over 60-you need an estate plan. This virus has the ability to create havoc in individuals over the age of 60- a segment of our population that includes business owners, CEO's and heads of households. The critical question we should all be asking is "what if I get it?". I cannot urge enough to avoid putting this difficult question off.

If you fall in the category of business owner: is your succession plan in place for the ongoing operation of your business. If your business is not an "essential" business during the coronavirus age, what can you do to adjust your business to stay afloat? We are here to help.

If you are the head of household- you need an estate plan. What happens or what plan is in place if you contract coronavirus. If you fall ill, who pays the bills, taxes, makes business decisions, makes medical decisions? At a minimum you need a power of attorney-- and by that I mean you need a health care surrogate and a power of attorney drafted by an attorney not one downloaded from one of the many websites that are usually defective and fail to comply with each states' strict guidances.

Is your life online- you need an estate plan. If you, like most of us (even the baby boomers) transact in the world wide web, you need a plan and someone with access to all of your passwords in the event you fall ill. Please make a list, please let us help you prepare for this pandemic in the most concise and effective way.

An an estate planning attorney, we are here to assist you - virtually - in getting organized over the next weeks as we continue to navigate in uncertainty. Please call us today.

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