(Part 1 of 4) The government to re-fund the PPP loan program

Question (Part 1 of 4)

While waiting for the government to re-fund the PPP loan program, what else can my medical practice do to bring in revenue or save money while our office is partially or fully closed?


1. PIP RECOVERY: If your practice sees patients that were involved in an automobile accident, you may have unpaid or underpaid medical bills. Ryan Sanders, Esq. heads our PIP recovery team. PIP Insurance is supposed to pay 80% of all medical bills, but more often then not, fails to do so. We can look back through up to 5 years of outstanding medical bills. In some cases we can recover bills even after the full policy benefits were exhausted. And the best part of our recovery effort is that all our attorney’s fees are paid directly by the auto insurance carriers; we take no percentage of the bill.

PIP Benefits are applicable to doctors of all specialties. We have represented radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, and many other groups. Most medical practices give up too easily after a carrier denies payment. Let us work with your office manager or billing company to isolate viable claims. For example, in one practice alone last year, we recovered over half a million dollars in medical bills.

For more than 20 years the firm of Lubell Rosen has dedicated itself to protecting physicians of all specialties. Especially now, when physicians are protecting all of us, we are determined to help every medical practice find ways to survive in this economy.

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