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Mixed Rates Of Pay & The Fair Labor Standards Act

Often times employees receive different pay depending on the job they are doing. This creates a legally complex situation when it comes to paying overtime to these employees and doing so in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If the employee worked at two different pay rates, then which pay rate is the overtime calculated based upon? The answer is not simple, in some cases a blended rate may be appropriate, however, courts, including a recent decision by the Fourth Circuit, have been skeptical of blended overtime rates.

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Do Churches need to follow Federal Labor Laws?

Can a Church fire me for having a disability, do churches need to follow the Civil Rights Act or Title VII of that act, does a church have to follow the ADA, does a church have to pay minimum wage and overtime (The Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA), or can a church discriminate based on sex, are just a few of the interesting questions I get as a labor lawyer. Whether a religious institution must comply with Federal Labor Laws is a complex question, which I will try to bring some clarity to.

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Most Independent Contractors are really employees, employers misclassify and that can lead to A costly Labor Lawsuit

An Independent Contractor is defined differently under labor laws and the IRS code. If an employee derives a significant amount of income from one or two sources, they are not an independent contractor, under Federal Labor Laws.

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Answers for employers about COVID-19

Can you, is one question, should you, is another question. There are workers this country needs right now, who are heroes, and whole sectors of the economy on hold. As an employer you need to think of what the public relations issues there are, and the potential for litigation costs, whether that litigation is frivolous or not.