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Cell phone with a unknown number on the screen

URGENT SCAM ALERT - Phony DEA Agent Contact to Doctors

We want to let you know about a phony DEA agent scam that was attempted on one of our physician clients the other day. Our client texted one of our partners, advising that he was on the phone with a person who represented herself as a DEA agent, who was calling to inform the physician that his license was going to be immediately suspended and he was going to be arrested. We were able to instantly conference into the call with the “DEA agent” and physician.

Doctors working on a surgical table

Does SB 732 Require Physicians Practicing At Surgical Centers To Have Insurance?

On June 25, 2019 the Governor of Florida approved SB 732, a new statute modifying the rules related to office surgery and surgical centers. The question many bare doctors in Florida are asking is whether SB 732 requires doctors working at surgical centers to carry malpractice insurance. The answer is no it does not.

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Coronavirus Legal Advise: get your estate in order - NOW

If you are over 60-you need an estate plan. This virus has the ability to create havoc in individuals over the age of 60- a segment of our population that includes business owners, CEO's and heads of households. The critical question we should all be asking is "what if I get it?". I cannot urge enough to avoid putting this difficult question off.