Lubell Rosen's litigation attorneys are in Florida state and federal courts. At Lubell Rosen, we strive to provide our clients with innovative, well-reasoned solutions to their business challenges. Sometimes those challenges mature into litigation, our team is there to try to solve those problems in the most productive ways possible. Solutions to problems which reach litigation require a client-centric view, and we evaluate all available options. Whether negotiation or mediation, arbitration or trial our team will take the time to explore all possible ways to resolve your case. Lubell Rosen's litigation attorneys have the resources and personnel to handle complex disputes.

When one person or business sues another person or business over a business-related dispute, that is referred to broadly as commercial litigation. Commercial litigation can be a general term relating to your business needing to collect a past due account through the courts, but can also encompass one of our other practice areas, such as employment litigation or construction litigation. Whether a contract issue or when business is damages outside of a contract setting, our commercial litigation team can help navigate the treacherous waters of litigation.

Commercial matters usually require the attorney to become versed in your business needs or into technical issues that stem from the case. Our lawyers have the experience to know how to analyze your business and use that analysis to best determine how to proceed in your case. The most difficult part of commercial litigation can sometimes be collecting the money after you win the case. Our attorneys not only know how to collect judgments but can analyze transfers made by the “debtor” – the person who owes the money – to determine if those transfers were made to hinder, delay or defraud the people to whom they owe money.