Doctors without Insurance - "Going Bare"

Lubell & Rosen's pre-paid monthly flat fee legal defense has become an increasingly popular choice for many doctors throughout the State of Florida of all specialties. As one of the most innovative medical malpractice defense firms, Lubell & Rosen offers a complete, an unlimited medical malpractice defense program for doctors. We represent both doctors without insurance (known as "Going Bare") as well as doctors with insurance.

Medical Defense Attorney

Due to the ever increasing cost of medical malpractice insurance, many doctors have made the decision to drop their insurance coverage. There is strong statistical evidence that Going Bare reduces the likelihood of being involved in a lawsuit. However, doctors that Go Bare are still responsible for all legal fees incurred. Lubell Rosen offers doctors an affordable solution to the often exorbitant legal costs associated with medical defense.

Lubell Rosen's prepaid flat fee retainer includes: all medical malpractice defesne attorney's fees, expert witness fees, court costs, and trial expenses. Our affordable rates are based on your specialties risk association.

For more information about "Going Bare" or our Pre-Paid Legal Defense Retainer, please contact Lubell Rosen directly for a confidential consultation and pricing.

Please also see our FAQ on Going Bare.

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