Workers’ Compensation Defense

Pursuant to Florida Statute Section 440.02 (17), Workers’ Compensation coverage is required for non-construction employers who have four or more employees, construction employers who have at least one employee, and employers in the agriculture industry with 6 regular employees and/or 12 seasonal workers. Workers’ Compensation issues include injuries sustained by employees while within the course and scope of their employment when the injury is established to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, based on medical evidence, and the accident is the major contributing cause of the resulting injuries. These issues are rather complex and require an attorney with a high level of skill, care, and expertise to successfully defend a claim of entitlement to Workers’ Compensation Benefits.

The Workers’ Compensation defense team at Lubell Rosen is managed and supervised by partner, Lorna E. Brown-Burton, Esquire, and has over 30 years of experience of vigorously defending Workers’ Compensation claims. Lubell Rosen represents employer/carriers/servicing agents/self-insureds and also business owners who are uninsured and/or uninsured contractors in their defense of workers’ compensation claims. The workers’ compensation defense attorneys under the supervision of partner, Lorna E. Brown-Burton, Esquire, at Lubell Rosen are committed and are determined to achieve the best results for our clients by carefully analyzing the facts of each case and aiding our clients in determining the best course of action when defending their case and limiting exposure for liability.

Workers’ Compensation matters to which there may be questions on compensability of the on the job injury as well as entitlement to Indemnity (monetary) and/or Medical Benefits along with the calculation of the Average Weekly Wage and Compensation rate and/or coverage and/or compliance may include and are not limited to:

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