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The cost of doing business successfully today, is that lawsuits are bound to happen, and many of them will be frivolous lawsuits. Routinely frivolous lawsuits are pursued by attorneys who know that even a frivolous lawsuit can be successful against companies who know it is cheaper to pay a settlement than spend years paying attorneys to wind through state court systems. There is a way to fight back, using a trick that puts frivolous lawsuit filers into waters they do not want to swim in, and may not be able to handle. If you are a company with corporate registration in a different state than you are being sued in, you can remove the case to Federal Court based on diversity jurisdiction. This accomplishes many things. First, federal cases move far faster than most state cases do. Second, an attorney who has never been forced into Federal Court will quickly find themselves overwhelmed and ill-prepared if they have never been in Federal Court before. Most lawyers practice in state, and not Federal Court, and the two court systems are completely different, Federal Courts are rigorous, and demanding, in ways state court lawyers have not handled before. Third, Federal Courts, generally, have less patience for frivolous lawsuits than state courts do. If you are a company being sued in Florida, Texas, or Colorado, and you would like to evaluate the benefits of removal to Federal Court by an experienced Federal Court attorney who has handled hundreds of Federal Cases, contact Joshua Sheskin at Lubell Rosen today.  By: Joshua H. Sheskin, Esq., 954-880-9500 – JHS@LubellRosen.com.