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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Arrests Are Up Over 700% in 2018, If You Employed Illegal Workers You Need a Good Federal Employment Attorney on Call Now More than Ever

Hiring illegal immigrants exposes your business to serious liability issues that could end in Federal Charges, but at a minimum result in hefty fines and a shutdown of your business for a period. ICE has had a record year with more than 6,848 investigations in 2018, compared to 1,691 investigations in 2017, this is an over 400% increase. ICE plans, on increasing the number of investigations in 2019. In 2017 1,360 companies were audited for I-9 compliance, compared to 5,981 in 2018, an over 400% increase, and in 2019 ICE has been directed to increase this number even more. In 2017 there were 311 arrests by ICE on worksites, but in 2018 there were 2,304, an over 700% increase. As an employer you may have decided to take the risk of hiring illegal workers, and if you have then you may be faced with an ICE investigation or audit, and if that happens the repercussions for breaking Federal Laws regarding immigration, in the current political climate, are severe. When ICE shows up to your business for an ICE Audit or Investigation, it is not the time to try to talk your way out of trouble. If ICE finds out you employed illegal workers the issue is damage control, how much you and your business will be punished for the hiring of illegal workers is a matter of how good your attorney is at controlling the damage. If ICE shows up at your business, it is essential to call an attorney like myself who has years of experience as a labor attorney, has regularly dealt with Federal Agencies, and has years of Federal Criminal Defense experience, to control the fallout. If ICE shows up at your business call Attorney Joshua Sheskin at Lubell Rosen today. -By: Joshua H. Sheskin, Esq., 954-880-9500 or JHS@LubellRosen.com.