The Southern District of Florida is, arguably, the best place in the country to litigate Federal Claims. However, attorneys appearing pro hac vice often underestimate the importance of the choice of local counsel they associate. Worse, many attorneys appearing pro hac vice in the Southern District of Florida rely on the reputation of a firm, or its size, in determining who to associate as local counsel, neither of these factors are relevant, the attorney, not the firm, is the important thing in the Southern District of Florida. While it is easy to associate the wrong local counsel, it is a significant advantage if you pick the right local counsel. I have handled over 200 cases in the Southern District of Florida, which has taught me that knowing the preferences of the individual judges, strict adherence to the unwritten rules that the Southern District, like any other Court, has, and reputation, significantly impact your experience I the Southern District. I dedicate many hours every week to studying the jurists of the Southern District through their decisions and orders. I have been in the trenches on over 200 cases at all stages from pleadings, to victory as an appellant in the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. When other attorneys ask me whether I think an argument, defense, or motion will work, I always ask is who the judge is before answering. Then I can often offer advice as to how to increase the odds of success, even if the field of law is new to me. The right local counsel is familiar to the court, and familiar with the court. The right local counsel can be determinative of your outcome. Good local counsel is a familiar face around the courthouse standing next to you (or in place at your option) and guiding you through the intricacies of practice in what is no doubt one of the best, and unique, places to practice law. If you need experienced local counsel in the Southern District of Florida, so that you can appear pro hac vice, call or email, Joshua Sheskin at Lubell Rosen. - By: Joshua H. Sheskin, Esq., 954-880-9500 -