The passion of our firm is to provide legal solutions for physicians, healthcare professionals and businesses alike.

When Steve Lubell and Mark Rosen formed their partnership, they set out to pioneer new ideas that were missing in the marketplace.

Having spent many years representing medical professionals and businesses, they discovered that doctors were being forced to over-pay for insurance and legal services. In particular, some doctors could no longer afford malpractice insurance or legal representation. These doctors needed a firm that was there just for them, with small firm pricing and creativity but with the experience, manpower, and professionalism that big firms could offer. Out of this need Lubell & Rosen became the very first firm to cater to the needs of the “Bare” doctor.

Today, Lubell & Rosen represents more Bare doctors than all other firms, put together. The Firm didn’t stop there however. Lubell & Rosen continued to be creative and innovative. The Firm challenges the status quo, offering first class healthcare legal representation at affordable rates. The Firm disrupted the marketplace offering premier legal services to businesses and commercial ventures for reasonable amounts.

Alternative Fee Solutions

“Alternative Fee Solutions” is the phrase many big firms use today to describe any fee arrangement that is not hourly. However Steve and Mark have been using alternative fees since they started their practice back in the ‘90s. Even today, no other firm has been able to compete with the Firm’s Pre-Paid Legal Defense Plan, which the Firm invented almost twenty years ago.

Lubell & Rosen has now grown to 33 attorneys. The Firm’s practice areas continue to expand. Many of the Firm’s partners, including founders Steve Lubell and Mark Rosen, are Board Certified by the Florida Bar, the highest level of achievement conferred by the Florida Bar. And no matter how big the Firm gets, it prioritizes customer service and attention to detail.

Today’s climate is fraught with economic and legal challenges. Lubell & Rosen is the compass by which to navigate your path.