Could I Lose My House in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Could I Lose My House in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Upon learning that a patient intends to sue you for medical malpractice, it is natural to imagine all the worst possible outcomes. In addition to worrying about your reputation, you may be concerned about losing your license to practice medicine or even losing your home and other assets.

Although 80 percent of medical malpractice claims do not result in any kind of payout, 20 percent of these cases do result in compensation for the claimant, and monetary awards are often substantial. Therefore, even if the odds seem to be in your favor, you should turn to a medical malpractice defense attorney for help.

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Could I Lose My House in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Although it is theoretically possible for a provider’s home to be at stake in a medical malpractice lawsuit, it is unlikely. Most claims are resolved through settlement negotiations, and the defendant’s malpractice insurance provider almost always covers the resulting payout.

If the defendant’s insurance coverage is not enough to pay for the plaintiff’s damages, though, the plaintiff’s attorney may file a lien on the defendant’s real estate to force the physician to secure a loan against that property. The physician would then be expected to use the funds to pay off the excess judgment.

Fortunately, this scenario is very unlikely. It is so rare, in fact, that there is no data on the number of times it has occurred. Most medical malpractice policy limits are $1 million per incident, and both the claimant and defendant have incentive to settle the case within these limits.

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