How Can I Strengthen My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

How Can I Strengthen My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

If you were seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, a resourceful personal injury attorney can help you pursue compensation for the associated damages. While your legal team will handle virtually all the logistics of your claim, there are steps you can take to facilitate their efforts.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to give your case the best chance of success:

1. Prioritize Your Recovery 

In the wake of a wreck, your health should be your first priority. That means visiting a doctor as soon as possible—even if you were able to walk away from the scene—and following all medical advice once you do.

Taking such steps will ensure you receive prompt treatment for all the injuries you sustained, including those that might not be immediately apparent. It will also demonstrate a commitment to mitigating damages, which will allow you to pursue the maximum payout possible.

If you were to put off seeking care and suffer complications as a result, you could be deemed partially liable for the severity of your losses. This, in turn, would reduce the total compensation to which you’re entitled accordingly.

2. Stay off Social Media

The insurance adjuster will undoubtedly monitor your online activity in an attempt to find cause to challenge your claim. Therefore, it’s wise to stay off social media until your case has been resolved. If disabling your accounts temporarily is not an option, make sure to update your privacy settings so only approved connections can see what you post.

3. Track Damages Diligently 

Florida allows for the recovery of both economic and non-economic damages; however, you must prove that you actually incurred them in order to include them in the proceedings. As such, it’s essential to track all injury-related expenses diligently. That means saving relevant bills, receipts, and invoices.

You should also start a personal injury journal. Detailed entries about the ways in which your condition is hurting your quality of life will help demonstrate non-economic damages like emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and pain and suffering.

4. Refer All Correspondence to Your Legal Team 

Let your personal injury lawyer handle all correspondence with the opposing party. As long as you don’t interact with them directly, they cannot manipulate you into accepting blame, agreeing to an unfair settlement, or otherwise jeopardizing your claim.

Should the insurance adjuster contact you before you’ve hired an attorney, let him or her know you’re not ready to discuss what happened. Write a brief description of any phone conversations, and save all voicemails, emails, and letters for your legal team to review once you do seek counsel.

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