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(Part 2 of 4) The government to re-fund the PPP loan program

Question (Part 2 of 4)

While waiting for the government to re-fund the PPP loan program, what else can my medical practice do to bring in revenue or save money while our office is partially or fully closed?


2. HEALTH INSURANCE RECOVERY: Another practice area of the firm that can help make you money at no expense to you is our health insurance recovery team, led by Sinead B. Killeen, Esq. This group will help you make the most of your accounts receivable to recoup the maximum amount possible from your underpaid and denied health insurance claims.

We will work with you to perform a free analysis of your AR to identify claims that we can obtain payment for from the insurance company. Even after your billing company has failed, we are often able to identify payable claims. For example, if you see patients out out-of-network, the insurance provider may have paid your bill below “usual and customary” rates. We could demand full payment and if the carrier fails to oblige, we bring legal action against the carrier. Other possible payable claims include when the carrier denies or underpays bills based on lack of medical necessity or authorization or timely filing. And just like our PIP Recovery efforts, If we are successful, our attorney’s fees are paid by the carrier; we take zero percentage of the bill.

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