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Bernard M. Cassidy, Esq.

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Meet Bernard

Bernard M. Cassidy, Esq. is an attorney specializing in health law, health law regulatory and white-collar criminal defense.

Mr. Cassidy began his career as a Law Clerk to the Honorable Joel Pasano, a former Magistrate Judge now District Court Judge. Mr. Cassidy is a former Assistant Attorney General and Assistant Statewide Prosecutor in the State of Florida. As an Assistant Attorney General, Mr. Cassidy defended the State of Florida in lawsuits and brought cases to protect consumers in both civil and criminal courts. Of note was Mr. Cassidy's experience in prosecuting violations in the health law field, which experience has proven invaluable in his representation of Doctors, pharmacists, pharmacies, clinics and associations of particular healthcare providers. Before striking out to form his own firm, Mr. Cassidy practiced in the healthcare and white-collar criminal defense sections of Broad and Cassel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Mr. Cassidy represents defendants in both state and federal courts in the Southern District of Florida. He has lectured on white-collar criminal issues at the ABA White-Collar Criminal Conference and has appeared as commentator on Court TV.

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