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Ronald G. Neiwirth, Esq.

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Meet Ronald

Ronald G. Neiwirth is a 1972 graduate of the University of Florida College of Law. Since then, he has specialized primarily in Creditors’ Rights , Business Reorganization and Bankruptcy, and the associated litigation He has handled Chapter 11 reorganizations for debtors; for creditors of many kinds; for trustees; and for creditors’ committees. He has represented foreign representatives in Chapter 15 bankruptcy filings in aid of main cases in other countries; and he has represented debtors, creditors and trustees in Chapter 7 liquidations. Out of bankruptcy, he regularly represents both assignors and assignees in state court Assignments for the benefit of Creditors. He has litigated issues concerning exemptions from execution; fraudulent and preferential transfers; discharge and nondischargeability; and asset protection issues. In practice since 1972, he is counsel in over 100 reported cases. He regularly lectures on bankruptcy and asset protection issues.

Neiwirth is also a Florida Civil Law Notary, and a director of the National Association of Civil Law Notaries. In this persona, he documents transactions in accordance with the Florida statutes which provide documentation more congruent with those of the more than 80 countries which adhere to the Latin notarial tradition.