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Guardianship Litigation

Our Team has over 30 years of combined experience in guardianship litigation matters. We have experienced an increase in challenges regarding estate planning of elderly persons.  Many family members have challenged a loved one’s estate plans due to advanced age and allegations of capacity or undue influence.  We represent individuals in preserving estate plans, when the plan as properly executed.  We also challenge plans that are the result of undue influence by predators or family members and/or lack of capacity during the execution. Fox example, we defended challenges to the trust of a 90 year old gentleman, who left an estate in excess of $30 Million Dollars.  Distant relatives alleged he was unduly influenced by a caregiver/spouse and his attorney, we were able to demonstrate his state of mind at the time of execution of the plan, and his intentions through meticulous discovery, and we settled the matter on terms consistent with her will. We Protect our Clients from Abuse Elderly people with diminished capacity have been and continue to be exploited – financially and otherwise – often by caregivers or in the hands of their own families. We protect seniors who otherwise could not afford legal services and aid them in reclaiming money and assets they have lost. Liz C. Messianu works with the local legal aid program and support them in protecting the elderly from abuse. Liz C. Messianu was honored as Pro Bono Attorney of the Year in 2014 by Legal Aid of Miami for her pro bono efforts on behalf of indigent clients.