FAQ about Pre-Paid Legal Defense

1. What if I get sued more than once?

Although we hope you are never sued, we realize that sometimes it happens more than once; this is why we are committed to handle your case from start to finish regardless of how many times you are sued.

2. Is there a cap ? 

No, we assume all costs for your case regardless of how much it costs us. Our goal is to win and sometimes that requires spending more time and using additional resources which we do not pass on to you.

3. Will my rate go up ? 

In the past 16 years we have only raised our rate by 5% once. There are no plans to increase our rates again but in the event that it is necessary, the increase will not be more than 5%.

4. Will I have to buy insurance for past claims that arise after I start with Pre-Paid Legal Defense? 

No, we will include retro coverage in your contract. This coverage will provide representation should you receive a notice of intent after signing up with us from services you provided during the statute of limitations which is up to four years.

5.  Are costs included?  

Yes. Most litigation costs are fully included in your contract.

6.  Are expert witnesses included?

Historically we have included expert witness expenses in every contract.  Now we do so for a small upcharge. For an extra 10% we will include all fees and expenses owed to a standard of care expert. 

7.  Are counter-claims or other related legal matters outside the malpractice against the plaintiff included?

Counter-claims and ancillary matters are not included however we will cover them for a small extra fee.

8. Are other legal issues or problems that my office must deal with covered? 

Technically they are not, however we usually do handle these matters for no charge. In fact, our rule is that if the matter is within our abilities, and can be handled in 20 minutes or less, we never charge.  Legal advice, problem solving, phone calls, emails, and letters are all part of good attorney / client relations.  If it goes beyond that, and it’s not covered by the contract, we keep are charges to a minimum. 

9. What happens when I retire or change jobs? Does Pre-Paid Legal Defense include tail coverage?

Tail coverage is an insurance term. It means coverage for cliams that arise after your coverage ends. Pre-paid Legal Defense does not include this coverage because it is not insurance. However, for a fee $400.00 per month, Lubell Rosen will extend the contract for up to 4 years after you retire or leave your practice.