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Pre-Paid Legal Defense

Pre-Paid Legal Defense is the solution to the medical malpractice crisis. In 2004, Lubell Rosen pioneered the concept of Pre-Paid Legal Defense for doctors.  When a doctor drops their insurance, they save a lot of money and make themselves less of a target, but they also lose their defense representation in the event they get sued. Defending a medical malpractice case can be very expensive. The purpose of Pre-Paid Legal Defense is to provide an affordable method by which doctors can Go Bare, and still afford to pay for the defense of a medical malpractice case.

Pre-Paid Legal Defense is a flat fee program designed especially for the needs of the Bare doctor. Since we launched the program in 2004, over 3000 doctors have enrolled. Our success rate is unmatched by any insurance carrier or other medical malpractice defense firm.  Less than 0.5% of our clients have gone to trial.  And of those that do go to trial, our firm has achieved defense verdict more than 90% of the time. The program has provided peace of mind to thousands of Bare doctors at a fraction of the price of insurance.

Pre-Paid Legal Defense is not insurance. Doctors pay an annual fee for complete legal defense of any medical malpractice case. The annual fee includes all legal services and litigation costs.