Your Medical Malpractice Defense Attorneys

Medical Malpractice Defense Team

Our team of experienced medical malpractice defense attorneys are advocates for health care professionals of all specialties. Our firm’s managing partner, Steve Lubell, is a “Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney”. Less than 2% of all attorneys in Florida earn the achievement of Board Certification their career. When a lawyer is Board Certified by the Florida Bar, the Supreme Court of Florida confers on such attorney the distinction of “special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in their practice area, as well as character, ethics, and a reputation for professionalism in the practice of law.” 

Our team of professionals also include partners Gordon Lea, an accomplished trial attorney with over 150 medical malpractice jury trials; Julia Ingle, one of Florida’s most skilled litigation managers and defense strategists; Ryan Sanders, Patrick Sullivan, and Brian Engle.