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Going Bare is not just about saving money.

Going Bare removes the target off the doctor’s back. Here are just some of the benefits of Going Bare:

  • Going Bare will save a doctor thousands of dollars per year. Insurance prices are on the rise since 2019. Even before COVID-19, premiums for certain specialties had reached all time highs. This is especially true in certain jurisdictions that have the most lawsuits such as New York City or South Florida.
  • Insurance is unstable; Going Bare is a reliable investment in yourself.  Since 2015, more than a half dozen medical malpractice insurance carriers have filed for bankruptcy or receivership. When an insurance company goes out of business, the doctor is forced to defend the case themselves at their own expense. Why not instead put that money into your own asset protected portfolio that you alone control?
  • Plaintiff attorneys do not want to sue Bare doctors.  When a plaintiff attorney accepts a medical malpractice case, their top priority is collecting a judgment on behalf of their client. Representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice actions is a business like any other. If the chances of collecting money are poor, the less likely a plaintiff attorney will be interested in the case.
  • Plaintiff attorneys are more negotiable with a Bare doctor.  In our experience, representing Bare doctors for 16 years, it is clear that most plaintiff lawyers will demand less from Bare doctors than insured doctors to settle the same case.  They do so because they have no choice. 
  • Bare doctors get sued less than insured doctors. In our experience we have also seen that Bare doctors get sued far less than insured doctors. Additionally, plaintiff attorneys will stall, delay, procrastinate, or completely drop lawsuits against Bare doctors. If the doctor had insurance the same plaintiff lawyer would zealously push the case to trial, hoping for a nice pay-day.

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