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Motor-vehicle collisions are still common despite recent advancements in automotive safety technology. If you were hurt in a crash and want to bring a claim against the liable party, their insurance company, or your own PIP coverage, our car accident lawyers can review your case for free and help you determine the best way to proceed.

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How Much Is My Claim Worth?

Many factors can influence the potential value of a car accident case. At Lubell Rosen, our attorneys can conduct an in-depth investigation to determine the kinds of damages that might be recoverable. Below are a few factors we may consider when estimating a fair settlement:    

  • The Severity of Your Injury: If  your injury meets the “serious injury” threshold, you can pursue  both economic and non-economic damages from the liable party or  their insurance company rather than just bringing a PIP claim against your own provider. 
  • Lost Wages:  If you missed work due to your condition or your injuries have  impacted your job performance and income-earning capacity, these lost wages could be factored into the settlement estimations. Our  car accident attorneys work closely with a network of well-qualified financial and vocational experts who can assist with settlement approximations and provide deposition if your case enters litigation.   
  • Property Damage:  The cost of repairing or replacing any of your property that was destroyed or damaged in the crash might be recoverable.
  • Medical Costs: Your medical bills might compose a large portion of your  accident-related expenses. Even relatively minor procedures can set  a person back thousands of dollars, and more serious conditions could result in a lifetime of medical costs. When estimating a reasonable settlement, our lawyers may look at both past and future medical procedures, lab tests, orthopedics, pain management, prescription drugs, emergency services, prosthetics, physical therapy, home modifications, and other healthcare interventions. You should compile all documents related to your medical costs and bring  them with you to the free consultation.     
  • Pain and Suffering: There are no paystubs for pain, but the impact of non-economic damages is very real. Our lawyer can determine if you might be entitled to compensation for these damages and help you approximate a fair value.     

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