What Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you intend to file a personal injury claim, it’s essential that you find the right attorney to take your case. After all, not all firms are equipped to handle all kinds of cases. What’s more, not all lawyers practice with honesty, integrity, or a commitment to excellence.

Chances are you’ve never needed a personal injury attorney, though, and you’re therefore unsure what to look for in one. Thankfully, you’ll know you’re in good hands as long as you prioritize the following qualities:

1. Relevant Experience

Personal injury law is an incredibly broad practice area, encompassing everything from car accidents to defective products. As such, you can’t assume every personal injury firm has what it takes to resolve your particular claim.

To ensure the most comprehensive counsel possible, you need an attorney who’s handled cases similar to your own. During your initial consultation, ask how much of the lawyer’s casework involves claims that have comparable elements.

2. Tenacity

You deserve representation from someone who’s committed to seeing your case through to the end. Such an attorney will use all the resources at his or her disposal to help you pursue a satisfactory settlement or favorable verdict.

During your first meeting, inquire about the firm’s case history. Have they managed to secure payouts despite facing considerable hurdles? And are they willing to go to trial if the opposing party proves uncooperative?

3. Honesty

Because legal proceedings are inherently unpredictable, a reputable lawyer will never promise to achieve a particular outcome for any given claim. Your attorney should be willing to discuss all the most likely outcomes, however, and should answer your questions with total honesty and transparency.

4. Accessibility

Questions and concerns will inevitably arise over the course of the proceedings. When they do, you’ll want your lawyer to address them promptly.

As such, you should look for someone who provides a direct means of contact and is always willing to take your call or will at least get back to you within a reasonable period of time. For total peace of mind, you should also look for someone who promises to keep you informed every step of the way.

5. A Track Record of Success

While past success doesn’t necessarily guarantee future wins, it does demonstrate a commitment to excellence. And if the firm you’re considering has an impressive track record of securing settlements and verdicts for their clients, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to help you secure the maximum payout possible, as well.

Speak with a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

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