Commercial, Real Estate and Construction Litigation & Transactions

Commercial Litigation

Litigation is an unfortunate fact of modern business life. When you are faced with commercial disputes, you need the assistance of experienced commercial litigation attorneys. Commercial disputes can be costly to your business in time and expense. Our lawyers can analyze your situation and explain to you your rights, obligations, and options. Our experienced professionals can help you navigate the treacherous waters of litigation and negotiation. Our lawyers have substantial experience in construction defect and construction lien; real estate and title related litigation, including foreclosures; business disputes such as contract disputes, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, debt collections including fraudulent transfers and other business issues, to name but a few. Our firm has a broad spectrum of clients and represents a wide variety of businesses as well as individuals as both plaintiff and defendant.

Construction Law

Whether representing property owners, builders, general contractors, sub-contractors or developers, Lubell Rosen takes great effort to inform clients about the progress of their cases. Our objective is to obtain the maximum result with the least impact to the client's business.

Lien Foreclosures

The laws of the State of Florida contain detailed requirements to enforce liens with regard to the timing, format, and content of liens. As such, those experienced with liens, like the attorneys of Lubell Rosen are an invaluable resource to clients throughout the lien process. Our firm brings this experience in preparing, recording, contesting, foreclosing, or defending liens for their clients.

Contract Disputes

Large and small construction projects can often lead to disputes. Breach of contract claims are common between developers, builders, general contractors and subcontractors. Disputes often arise in a myriad of areas: pay-when-paid clauses, no-damages-for-delay clauses, waivers of consequential damages, liquidated damages provisions, limitations of liability, indemnification obligations, notice requirements, and claim/change order procedures. As such, a detailed understanding of the common law and legislative histories of these and other provisions, as well as experience litigating disputes on these provisions, are necessary skills for litigators of these claims. The attorneys at Lubell Rosen demonstrate this understanding and skill in the representation of their clients.

Construction Defect Claims

Construction defect claims are complicated claims often involving breach of contract claims, tort claims, insurance and/or subrogation disputes, and a mixture of personal injury, property damage, and lost economic claims. Knowledgeable legal representation, as well as the appropriate and economical use of experts, are essential elements for the successful defense or prosecution of such claims. The attorneys at our firm possess such knowledge and work efficiently with leading experts in the construction industry to pursue and defend construction defect claims for their clients.