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Duties for Landlords and Tenants in Florida

Renting space from another person requires a commitment on each side—the renter commits to a set amount of money, a set timeframe and a set start and end date, while the landlord commits to a pre-determined space, a level of maintenance and whatever provisions have been agreed upon as part of the rental contract. Along with these commitments come responsibilities that each party owes the other. These responsibilities are governed under Florida’s law, no matter how long the rental term lasts, how the payments are made or what building is involved. In the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act (FL Statute, Part 11, Chapter 38), the rights of the landlord and the tenant, along with their responsibilities to each other, are defined under the state’s law. These rights are in place whether there is a written lease agreement or not, and in cases which the written lease differs from the Act, the state’s laws take precedence.