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Let us help increase reimbursements for your practice:

  • Out-of-Network Recovery Litigation:Out-of-Network medical providers are entitled to receive “usual and customary” payment on their bills. Despite the law, health insurance companies typically deny or severely underpay out of network claims. We take on the Insurance Companies and fight back against their unlawful underpayment practices.
  • Are You Tired of Shrinking Reimbursements?  One of the largest challenges facing our physician clients continues to be shrinking reimbursements and increased administrative costs associated with repeatedly following up, rebilling and recoding claims in order to secure payment for the services rendered. Even after best efforts are made, providers find that they have a large amount of claims that have been denied or seriously underpaid.
    After your office has exhausted efforts working on a claim, the healthcare reimbursement attorneys at Lubell Rosen are ready to help. After many years of working with insurers on behalf of healthcare providers, physician practice groups and facilities, our attorneys use their experience to resolve your problem receivables and clean up your overall AR without any out of pocket cost to your practice

How the process works:

Lubell | Rosen makes everything simple. We will work with you and/or your biller to review potential claims. We will review a spreadsheet of your underpaid and unpaid claims, review the medical records, and create a plan to maximize your reimbursement for past claims and improve your reimbursement on future claims. Every client and case is different so we customize a strategy to fit your needs.

Do our services differ from your billing company?

We only seek recovery of bills that you or your billing company were unable to collect or were underpaid, and as a result, may have already written off. We are not a billing company. We are a law firm. We sue first and then negotiate. If negotiation fails, we take your case to trial.

How much can we recover?

We can go back through 5 years of your claims. For some of our clients, we have filed hundreds or thousands of lawsuits and have recovered 7 and 8 figure global settlements.

How much do we charge for attorney’s fees?
We take all cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay any fees or costs unless we win. And if we win, you only pay us a percentage of the gross recovery in addition to our costs. In some cases, the adverse insurance carrier pays our fees directly or includes it in the gross settlement.